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Dell Inspiron PP21L Laptop LCD Screen 15.4 Inch WUXGA/1920 x 1200 Glossy. All of our screens come with a 150 day warranty. Installation Instructions are also available on request.
  Dell Inspiron PP21L Laptop LCD Screen 15.4 Inch WUXGA/1920 x 1200

  Mpn PP21L

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Dead Pixel
ISO 13406-2 standard
Fragile Customized Package
Factory Direct
100% OEM Compatible

  Brand Dell
  Condition New
  Display Type LCD
  Screen Size 15.4 Inch
  Resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  Aspect Ratio Wide-Screen
  Product Type Dell Laptop LCD Screen
  Screen Description TFT Active Matrix with 1 CCFL backlight
  Recommended Usage Dell Laptop Replacement Screen
  Pixels WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  Video Connectors 30
  Avaliblity In Stock
Why You Need to Replace your Screen
Flickering of the screen
Horizontal or vertical lines across the display
Low contrast display or dim display
Fuzziness of picture
Llifeless screen or red screen
Damage caused by liquid spillage

Help Center

An LCD Screen's Column Board (A Closer Look At A Notebook LCD Screen)

The Column Board Notebook LCD

The timing controller is attached to the column board. The column board is unscrewed and folded over the top of the screen so that you may view the important parts of the column board. The timing controller is a chip which supplies the control and video signals.

The timing controller receives video signals. These signals are already compatible with the resolution of the notebook LCD screen. The video signals that the timing controller receives are created by the graphics controller circuitry.

The backlight is what generates the light that you see when you view your display. The backlight is powered by the inverter. The cable that plugs into the inverter is also shown here

The flex connecters connect the column board to the inputs of the data drivers and scan drivers on the glass of the notebook LCD screen. The control signals which are sent to three screen drivers are sent down the right side of the notebook LCD panel.

The sticker on the back of the notebook LCD will also reveal the OEM number or assigned part number. These numbers are helpful when determining a replacement panel for a notebook.



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